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You’re getting older.  You’ve got some great plans and ideas and you’re dreaming about all the possibilities that lie ahead for finding fun in a longer life.  

It’s so exciting, so close and yet ….. so far away.

Your wildly exciting vision of the fabulous time you’re going to have is dimmed by all the difficulties that could lie ahead. 

  • You worry about who you are when you no longer have a job and your children have left home. You can’t stay on holiday for ever.
  • You worry about your health deteriorating as you age. Will you be well enough to enjoy the extra time?
  • You worry about having enough money to last the rest of your life. Can you afford to spend any money on having a great time?
  • What about where you’re going to live? Will you end up lonely and isolated?

How are you going to juggle and solve all the different decisions and problems that are bound to arise?  And have a great time too? 

Just like You

I retired a few years ago and felt just like you.  I wanted to be healthy and full of energy, having fun, but I had a horrible tropical bug.  I had to find a purpose to replace my all-consuming career.  What was I going to do next?  I’d lived in 13 different countries but where was I going to live?  How could I get the best out of my older years?

So, I researched for all the best ideas on ageing. I realised that the foundation of our future lies in the decisions and actions we take now, today.

Finding the fun in a longer life

I’m passionate about helping older people like you to have a great time as you age.

And so Long Life, Fun Life is going to be chock full of information, ideas and tips on what you can do now that will help you and the members of your family to find fun in a longer life, with a better health span. Are you ready to live your dream?

There is so much we can do to pack in more fun and adventure in our lives now whilst laying the foundations for a happy and active life as we age.

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Best wishes


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